I don’t always sit here

But when I do you know you are graced by my presence.
Dogs have owners…cats have staff.


King Diego



All my cats are rescues from my old neighborhood in the city. This is Diggy. My neighbor blew him into my yard with a  water hose when he was about 8 weeks old. He now weighs 18 pounds…a big boy. My veterinarian in PHX would not neuter him until he reached ‘full sexual maturity’. Like I really needed a testosterone loaded house cat with  three other cats in the house.He makes me laugh. One morning I decided not to listen to his cries of ‘Get up!’, ‘Get up!’  ‘Feed me!’ and waited to see what would happen.  He launched himself across the room, landed on my back on all fours  like it was a springboard and catapulted (pun intended) himself on to the tall dresser. Cats are acrobats in small fur coats.